0.3 Litre Countertop Waste Basket

0.3 Litre Countertop Waste Basket
Categories: Kitchen, Countertops
Brand: KitchenCraft
Size: 17.0 H x 23.0 W x 17.5 D cm
26.38 GBP
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The convenient way to compost in your home. Divert scraps away from the dustbin - why not use them to fuel your garden instead? The countertop food waste bin allows you to conveniently store your food cuttings and leftovers before adding them to a bigger outdoor composter. It’s been designed with sustainability in mind, with a body made of natural bamboo fibre, finished in a nature-evoking neutral putty shade. Ideal for busy kitchen work surfaces, it’s reinforced with melamine to give it long-lasting strength and durability. There’s no need to worry about odours - the bin is topped by a natural bamboo wood lid, which helps to keep them all contained.