0.3 Qt. Glass Rectangular Casserole with Lid

0.3 Qt. Glass Rectangular Casserole with Lid
Categories: Kitchen, Refrigerators
Brand: Betty Bossi
Size: 16.0 H x 8.0 W cm
35.99 GBP
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We have the perfect mini glass moulds for your tiramisu! In the high-quality glassware, you can serve your tiramisu in portions directly on the table - a real eye-catcher! In addition, ladyfingers fit perfectly into the portion moulds, it is no longer necessary to laboriously break. For intermediate storage, use the odour-proof lids and cool your dessert in the refrigerator or if desired in the freezer. The moulds are not only perfect for a delicious tiramisu but are also perfect for all oven dishes such as lasagna, gratins, etc., because they are heat resistant up to 250 degrees. After use, moulds and lids can be easily and thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher.