0.5L Mini Chopper

0.5L Mini Chopper
Brand: Russell Hobbs
Size: 13.8 H x 19.5 W x 12.0 D cm
22.09 GBP
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When time is of the essence, home cooking is often overlooked in favour of quick-fix ready meals or takeaways. If you just need a helping hand to chop or mix a few ingredients, this neat little worktop wonder can save you time and hassle which makes preparing a home-cooked meal effortless and easy. This perfectly self-contained one-pot wonder will become your go-to kitchen assistant. Whether it’s chopping smaller items such as onions, garlic and chilli, baking ingredients such as nuts or crumbling biscuits or more complex recipes such as patés or houmous, the 70w powered universal blade enables you to tackle everything with minimum time and effort. The 500ml capacity is plenty big enough for most of your shopping needs and it’s also perfect for prepping homemade baby food. With its removable dishwasher-safe bowl, lid and blade, it is designed to make your everyday food preparation that much more convenient and the non-slip feet ensure it stays in one place when in use.