1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink

1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink
Categories: Kitchen, Kitchen Sinks
Brand: Ellsi
Color: black,gray
Size: 18.5 H x 100.0 W x 50.0 D cm
149.99 GBP
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This sink is constructed from pressed material which is resin-based GRP, with a toughened outer layer that offers great strength and can withstand high heat temperatures. Scratch-resistant whilst keeping the same visual appeal as the best cast materials & other medium-weight sinks on the current market The material also has a high degree of impact resistance without having too greater a hardness that it damages cups, plates, and pans. The patented material is engineered as opposed to casting, this means you are able to create sharper, cleaner edges allowing slimmer designs, thereby providing more design freedom and allowing for aesthetically attractive kitchen sinks at a lower cost. Importantly, the sink is less prone to mechanical damage there and it has a reduced Carbon Footprint. Finish: Grey