1-Light Kitchen Island Rectangle Pendant

1-Light Kitchen Island Rectangle Pendant
Brand: Paul Neuhaus
Color: brown
Size: 120.0 H x 120.0 W x 8.5 D cm
319.99 GBP
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This pendant light is a modern light with a body made of board-shaped pine wood. In the middle of the board, the downward glowing LEDs are framed as a kind of strip. The pendant lamp is equipped with a CCT color management, so you can individually control the color temperature of the light from warm white (2,700 Kelvin) to daylight white (5,000 Kelvin) and thus simulate the light colors of a daily routine and dim the light intensity. You can do this with the help of the supplied infrared remote control. The desired setting is stored via the memory function until you make another change. With its natural look, it is a very special highlight above the dining table. You can create a special highlight of the lamp with additional decoration. The wooden board can be loaded up to a maximum of 5kg. You can develop freely there. The lamp has a length of 120cm, a width of 30cm and a height of 120cm. The ceiling boxes each have a length of 26cm, a width of 8.5cm and a height of 3.5cm.