10 L Aerovital Fry Hot Air Fryer

10 L Aerovital Fry Hot Air Fryer
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Klarstein
Color: black,gray
Size: 44.5 H x 39.5 W x 39.5 D cm
148.99 GBP
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Healthy and tasty deep-frying is not possible? Yes, with the AeroVital fry hot air deep fryer, low-fat cooking of food is quick and super easy. No one has to do without excellent taste: Even French fries become crispy and crunchy. The secret of the AeroVital fry fryer is the 3D heating system, which fries, bakes, grills, or roasts with 1500 watts and circulating hot air. Thanks to the stainless steel heating element on the top and the circulating air fan on the back, the heat is distributed quickly and optimally and cooks food gently and quickly from all sides, defrosting is not necessary. Operation is also quite simple, as the AeroVital fry directly offers 9 programs that you select via touch panel. Temperature and cooking time are directly preset for the desired dish. Programs to choose from are fries, fish, pizza, dehydrate, whole chicken (rotisserie), chicken, steak, and bake. Of course, individualists can also set the temperature and run-time manually. The temperature can be set in 5 °C increments from 80 to 220 °C and the cooking time in 1-minute increments up to 60 minutes. The large XL interior leaves hardly any preparation wishes unfulfilled with its 10 liters capacity and even holds an entire grilled chicken. At the same time, the AeroVital fry hot air fryer is particularly compact thanks to its mini-oven design and requires no more space on the sideboard than a conventional fryer! The extensive accessory set is optimally equipped for all purposes of use: a drip tray to collect escaping fat, a frying basket for large and small fried food such as chicken wings or croquettes and a rotisserie spit with an associated rotisserie lifter are just as much a part of it as a 360° 3D grill drum in which fries become evenly crispy by rotating from all sides. And the best thing is: here you can fry as much as you like without having to worry about the calories because everything is cooked with hot air without adding any oil. Of course, safety has also been taken into account: thanks to Cool touch housing, the housing and handle remain pleasantly cool at all times during operation. For healthy, quickly, and conveniently prepared food: The AeroVital fry hot air fryer.