10 L Rotisseries Air Fryer

10 L Rotisseries Air Fryer
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Cooks Professional
Color: black
Size: 34.0 H x 42.0 W x 42.0 D cm
179.99 GBP
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Enjoy efficient, fast, healthy cooking with this 1300w multi-function air fryer. This versatile kitchen essential will allow you to roast, fry, bake, stir fry, grill and bbq all in one compact and stylish unit. How does it work? The 10-liter capacity air fryer will ensure your food is cooked to perfection every time with its inbuilt control panel and even heating fan technology. The double cell construction also allows the outside to remain cool when in use. You can cook with very little or no oil and create a huge array of healthy meals. The inbuilt fryer basket can be used to fry frozen chips, stir fry vegetables, and more. The grilling rack allows you to cook pizza, steak, and sausages, or remove the accessories completely and cook a chili con carne in the non-stick bowl provided. It also has a rotisserie function, which allows you to cook succulent roast chickens and other joints of meat. There is a pause function on the control panel, by opening the lid during cooking the oven will pause, all settings will be saved, and you can check on your meal, add ingredients or adjust the seasoning halfway through cooking. The non-stick bowl is removable for easy cleaning.