10-Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set with Lid

10-Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set with Lid
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: king
Color: red
Size: 50.0 W cm
103.99 GBP
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The high-quality cast aluminium frying pan set with removable handle is a must in every kitchen. The pan is made of cast aluminium and has a durable ceramic fusion coating on the inside. It is particularly scratch-resistant compared to conventional coatings. The trendy shape and the 7cm high pan rim makes it possible to prepare a variety of dishes. The handle can be easily removed by a simple mechanism. The square cast aluminium frying pan is suitable for all types of cookers, including induction. The rectangular shape is ideal for frying meat or steaming vegetables with the lid closed. With the aroma button in the lid, you can easily add liquids. The glass lid has an integrated steam vent, which avoids the unnecessary airing of the lid. This 3-piece stainless steel container set is particularly practical. All storage boxes have an innovative click closure which seals the stainless steel containers airtight. All 3 containers can be stacked inside each other when closed. The knife set is the absolute eye-catcher in your kitchen, the black knife blades are stainless steel coated. The grooved structure and coating of the knife blades ensure that fewer sticks to the blades when cutting. Practical for everyday use. With this knife set, hygienically clean work in the kitchen is possible. The knife handles are pleasant to touch and the knives lie lightly in the hand. Colour: Red