10 Portion Grill

10 Portion Grill
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: George Foreman
Color: gray
Size: 11.1 H x 33.0 D cm
66.1 GBP
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The benefits of cooking with a grill are many and varied. It’s easy to use, grills a whole host of foods, and can help you cook up a healthier, tastier meal or snack in no time. The grill is ideal for larger families, entertaining your friends, or even hosting an indoor BBQ-as we all know not to rely on the great British weather! The grill has a cleverly designed floating hinge that accommodates extra-thick cuts, so you can be generous with your slicing! With a floating hinge, the grill top can move more freely, which is great for toasting sandwiches, paninis, or more generous portions. The 970 sq cm plate can cook up to 10 portions, making it the perfect size to cook your favourite dishes for the family and friends. It is easy to use, and the non-stick grill plates make cleaning a breeze. And an adjustable rear foot allows you to cook foods at an angle, or you can set the grill flat to cook more delicate dishes such as fish or toasties. Fat reduction is at the core independent tests have shown that the grill removes up to 42% of fat from food. The patented angled grill channels fat and grease away from foods, and contact grilling from both sides apply gentle pressure to food, encouraging additional fat to be removed.