100 Cup Non-Stick Hello Kitty

100 Cup Non-Stick Hello Kitty
Categories: Kitchen, Bakeware
Size: 6.0 H x 3.5 W cm
35.99 GBP
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These paper cases from the 100-piece baking set are ideal for baking classic or creative muffins and cupcakes. Whether simple chocolate muffins, juicy quark muffins, delicious cupcakes or smart cake pops on a stick-the most diverse baking creations are possible in the versatile paper molds. Made of high -quality, easily removable paper, the muffins do not stick to the mold. A special coating on the paper also ensures that the material does not absorb grease from the baked goods. Last but not least, the homemade cupcakes and muffins are really eye -catching thanks to the paper printed in the Hello Kitty design - whether at private parties or in large buffets. Since the eyes eat with them, eating the Hello Kitty muffins is a very special treat.