12 Cup Non-Stick Performance Bun Tin

12 Cup Non-Stick Performance Bun Tin
Categories: Kitchen, Bakeware
Brand: Tala
Color: gray
Size: 3.0 H x 26.7 W cm
14.29 GBP
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The 12 cup bun tin is great for baking home-made mince pies, fairy cakes and little Yorkshire puddings. Built from heavy-duty robust 1mm thick carbon steel, with a super durable non-stick coating, it will deliver outstanding results time after time. It is designed with beautifully rolled edges, to provide extra strength and making each piece rust resistant; these products will never warp, even after extreme use and high oven temperatures. Food is released flawlessly and intact, allowing you to cook with little or no added grease or oil for healthier results. The non-stick qualities of the range is due to the superior Whitford Eclipse double layered coating which is used. The coating is applied using the best methods and the finest state of the art non-stick spray coating facilities, meaning a continuous and stable coating is used, so each batch is the same. Its outstanding non-stick qualities are also completely PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and BPA free. The coating gives a sleek, glossy appearance and premium feel. The gloss finish allows food to heat evenly and makes the pieces a dream to clean.