12 Pcs Cookware Set With Grill Carbon Pro

12 Pcs Cookware Set With Grill Carbon Pro
Brand: Berlinger Haus
Color: black,gray
135.05 GBP
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With an eye-catching metallic design, this set is a striking addition to any kitchen. Comprising stockpots a saucepan and frying pans, you can now create a whole host of delicious dishes, hassle-free. Crafted from high-quality forged aluminum, each pan is designed to withstand continuous use whilst also boasting enhanced durability. With a 3 durability non-stick inner Titan coating it will require little to no oil, meaning you can now create a healthier alternative to fried family favorites whilst a heat resistant exterior ensures safety during use. The set includes a comprising of a ladle, spatula, and pasta spoon, ensuring you have every utensil you need during your cooking and meal preparation. Each item requires only a simple hand wash to maintain its optimum performance.