12 Piece Aluminium Non Stick Cookware Set

12 Piece Aluminium Non Stick Cookware Set
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: gray
162.99 GBP
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New generation high-thickness cookware.

  • Material aluminium suitable for food contact
  • Multilayers non-stick coating reinforced by mineral particles
  • For all cooking hobs except induction
  • Bakelite handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High-thickness aluminum cookware with a new generation of multilayer coating MINERALS + , reinforced with mineral particles, resistant to everything, metal utensils, high temperatures, aggressive food, dishwasher. The multi-layer coating is applied by spraying, and with the particular "granit" finish makes the tool highly non-stick and resistant. Handles in athermal bakelite. Made in italy We have used food grade aluminum, free from heavy metals and which can cause allergies such as nickel. Eco-friendly, recyclable, PFOA FREE, 100% made in Italy.
  • Number of Pieces Included: 12
  • Pieces Included in Set: 20cm frying pan, 24cm frying pan, 28cm frying pan, 20cm casserole dish, 20cm glass lid, 14cm saucepan, tongs, shovel, rice spoon, soup ladle, perforated spatula, spaghetti server
  • Colour: Granite grey
  • Primary Material: Aluminium
  • Non Stick: Ja
    • Non Stick Type:
    • Layers of Non Stick:
  • Enameled: No
    • Layers of Enamel:
  • Lid(s) Included: Yes
    • Number of Lids: 1
    • Lid(s) Material:
  • Bakeware Included: No
    • Number of Bakeware Pieces Included:
    • Bakeware Piece(s):
    • Bakeware Material:
  • Cooking Utensil(s) Included: Yes
    • Cooking Utensil(s):
    • Number of Cooking Utensils Included:
    • Cooking Utensil(s) Material:
  • Hob Type Compatibility: Gas;Electric Smooth Top;Electric Coil Cook Top
  • Oven Safe: No
    • Maximum Temperature:
  • Pre-Seasoned:
  • Cool Touch Handle(s): Yes
  • Product Care & Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe
  • Scratch Resistant (Metal Utensil Safe): Yes
  • Stackable: Yes
  • PTFE Free:
  • PFOA Free according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006: Yes
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Gourmet Experience: No
  • High resistance , top non-stick
  • Healthy cooking- Nickel free
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable
  • SCS Certified: Yes
  • CE Certified: No
  • Stock Pot(s) Included: No
    • Number of Stock Pot(s) Included:
    • Stockpot(s) Capacity (ml.):
    • Stock Pot(s) Width (cm.):
    • Stock Pot(s) Height (cm.):
    • Stock Pot(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Saucepan(s) Included: Yes
    • Number of Saucepan(s) Included: 1
    • Saucepan(s) Capacity (ml.):
    • Saucepan(s) Width (cm.):
    • Saucepan(s) Length Including Handle (cm.):
    • Saucepan(s) Height (cm.):
    • Saucepan(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Frying Pan(s) / Skillet(s) Included: Yes
    • Number of Frying Pan(s) / Skillet(s) Included: 3
    • Fry Pan(s) / Skillet(s) Width (cm.):
    • Fry Pan(s) / Skillet(s) Height (cm.):
    • Fry Pan(s) / Skillet(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Saute Pan(s) Included: No
    • Number of Saute Pan(s) Included:
    • Saute Pan(s) Capacity (ml.):
    • Saute Pan(s) Height (cm.):
    • Saute Pan(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Grill Pan(s) Included: No
    • Number of Grill Pan(s) Included:
    • Grill Pan(s) Width (cm.):
    • Grill Pan(s) Length Including Handles (cm.):
    • Grill Pan(s) Height (cm.):
    • Grill Pan(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Griddle(s) Included: No
    • Number of Griddle(s) Included:
    • Griddle(s) Width (cm.):
    • Griddle(s) Length Including Handles (cm.):
    • Griddle(s) Height (cm.):
    • Griddle(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Casserole Dishes Included: Yes
    • Number of Casserole Dish Included: 1
    • Dutch Oven(s) Capacity (ml.):
    • Dutch Oven(s) Width (cm.):
    • Dutch Oven(s) Height (cm.):
    • Dutch Oven(s) Weight (kg.):
  • Wok(s) Included: No
    • Number of Wok(s) Included:
    • Wok(s) Diameter (cm.):
    • Wok(s) Length Including Handles (cm.):
    • Wok(s) Height (cm.):
    • Wok(s) Weight (kg.):