12 Piece Dinner Plate

12 Piece Dinner Plate
Categories: Kitchen, Refrigerators
Brand: Duralex
Size: 23cm
26.9 GBP
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This set of 12 glass dinner plates brings sleek and subtle elegance to your dinner table, crafted from materials that offer the very highest standard of durability, usability, and practicality. Forged from fully-tempered glass, this tableware has been proven to be more than twice as strong as regular annealed glass, giving you supreme confidence in these dishes’ long-term usability whether in the home or in the busiest professional restaurants. A thermal shock rating of 130°F makes these plates safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave, allowing you to seamlessly swap between the three without fear of cracking or weakening. Perfectly practical - refrigerate, reheat, rinse and repeat again and again. If you’re looking to upgrade your tableware with dishes that are certain to shine for years to come, this set is simply it. Diameter: 23cm