12 Piece Pridmore Assorted Kitchen Utensil Set

12 Piece Pridmore Assorted Kitchen Utensil Set
Categories: Kitchen, Utensils
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: pink
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A set of 12 baking tools in fashionable shades and colures to brighten up the kitchen and inspire baking creativity. Upgrade your kitchen today, are you struggling with the food prep that takes longer than it should and hurts your hands? Then its never too late to start using the right tools! Start cooking with our ideal kitchen tools set for a pleasurable cooking experience! Go and tool around your kitchen with this outstanding delicious kitchen creativity. Every time you cook and serve with the sturdy nonstick-suitable 12 pieces utensil set that perfect combination of cooking form and culinary function causing an eye-catching effect for guest and others. This utensil set designed for creativity in the kitchen and its ingenious shapes and bevelled edges shaped to reach in, under and around foods with ease, making each stylish kitchen tool good looking enough for table services. Better yet, these nylon kitchen utensils are ideal for use in your kitchen with nonstick cookware and bakeware. This 12 pcs set are beneficial, and excellent quality providing a strong and comfortable handgrip when using, and can easily be stored away after use. Go and prep, stir and serve out more creativity in the kitchen with the support and style that cooking and food serving gets from this cookware silicone set. This set comes in 2 colures you can choose from that features 12 pcs in a set: 1.) a pastry brush that measures approx. 22cm h x 5cm w x 5cm d 2) can opener that measures1.) A pastry brush that measures approx. 22cm H x 5cm W x 5cm D; 2) Can opener that measures approx. 17cm H x 5cm D x 5cm W; 3.) Slotted turner that measures approx. 34cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D; 4.) The spatula that measures approx. 25cm H x 5cm W x 5cm D; 5.) Whisk that measures approx. 30cm H x 7cm W x 7cm D; 6.) Solid spoon that measures approx. 33cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D; 7) A ladle that measures approx. 30cm H x 9cm W x 9cm D; . 8.) Scissors that measure approx.20cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D; 9.) 4 pcs plastic container that holds a capacity of 300 ml, which are even reusable, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe, and can store all kinds of foods stored inside, that comes with four lids making sure your foods stay fresh at all times. Colour: Pink