127cm Cielito 3-Burner Liquid Propane Barbecue Grill

127cm Cielito 3-Burner Liquid Propane Barbecue Grill
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black,gray
Size: 103.0 H x 127.0 W x 58.0 D cm
329.99 GBP
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This gas BBQ grill has a comprehensive specification, made to make your outdoor cooking experience pleasurable and easy. This black BBQ with stainless steel fittings not only looks sleek and smart, but it also has three efficient stainless steel burners, each around 3kw with separate controls and piezoelectric ignition (a 1.5V AA battery will be required). Flame tamers sit over the burners to distribute heat evenly. Two chrome-plated cooking grids provide an ample, 55 x 44cm cooking area which is supplemented by an integrated chrome-plated warming rack, 54 x 24cm so you can prepare more food, whilst keeping some warm, ideal when you are catering for a large group of family and friends. The working height is approximately 80cm. The BBQ can be used to cook in different ways - with the lid closed to prevent heat escaping, heat is distributed evenly to the food on the grill, similar to a convection oven. A thermometer built into the lid allows you to monitor the cooking temperature. Alternatively, open the lid and use direct cooking to sear steaks, grill sausages, burgers, kebabs, etc. Finally, employ the gourmet’s barbecue method of choice, indirect grilling. In this way, food is not placed directly over the heat, and with the lid closed, convection and radiant heat cook the food. This method is ideal for thicker cuts of meat that require a longer cooking time, allowing it to remain moist and succulent. A grease collection tray sits beneath the burner housing. The tray collects fat and cooking juices and is removable, aiding cleaning. This gas BBQ is mounted on a sturdy trolley with two side shelves and double cupboard doors. The trolley can be tilted onto the two wheels, for easy manoeuvrability. The double cupboard doors open to reveal storage for your gas bottle. There are four handy tool hooks on one of the side shelves, providing access to your cooking utensils. The gas BBQ comes complete with a pressure regulator and gas hose. Enjoy using all the features on offer with the BBQ and create some tasty food for friends and family. This item requires assembling and is supplied with a manual containing full instructions.