154 cm Lagerregal Swinney

154 cm Lagerregal Swinney
Brand: Rebrilliant
Color: black,brown
Size: 153.0 H x 91.0 W x 46.0 D cm
103.99 GBP
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Garage, cellar, pantry, shop, storage room, living room-this 4-level shelf is available everywhere. If you are often confronted with a jumble of objects, this shelf is an optimal choice for the above-mentioned areas. This heavy duty shelf is ideal for long-term use. The height of each shelf compartment is freely adjustable and can therefore be adapted to your needs. You can store your tool boxes, kitchen utensils and books on the shelves. In addition, the shelf can be used in two units. It is not only a simple shelf but can also be a workbench.