1Ft. x 2Ft. Metal Log Store

1Ft. x 2Ft. Metal Log Store
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: WFX Utility
Color: gray
Size: 48.0 H x 48.0 W x 68.0 D cm
114.99 GBP
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In addition to this firewood storage with polycarbonate / double web / hollow chamber panels, they have developed a box for kindling wood for you. So you can practically store your kindling wood and it also looks good. You can easily place small branches, kindling, decoration, lighting in it. The possibilities of use are practically unlimited. The pictures show kindling wood from two nets (available at the hardware store). The box is only 1/4 full. So here really a lot fits in. The box is very stable and can be stored anywhere in the firewood storage. The goods are delivered disassembled for self-assembly.