1L Stainless Steel Gravy Boat

1L Stainless Steel Gravy Boat
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: gray
Size: 19.5 H x 14.0 W cm
25.99 GBP
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There’s no such thing as too much gravy. The trouble is finding a jug to hold all of that tasty goodness. Not to mention keeping it all warm too. Fortunately for family dinner tables everywhere, the boat is here to help. Double-walled insulation effectively locks in heat, so no one around your dinner table will ever have to settle for lukewarm gravy or custard again. Stays cool to the touch for safe pouring. Stores are more than enough for large gatherings. A hinged lid and ergonomic handle are positioned to enable easy one-handed pouring, while the anti-drip spout offers the mess-free control your tablecloth will appreciate. Whether you’re looking to store and pour gravy, b├ęchamel, custard, or cream, this jug is suitable for use with any hot or cold sauce.