2 Piece Cake Molder Set

2 Piece Cake Molder Set
Categories: Kitchen, Utensils
Color: gray,pink
Size: 4.0 H x 11.0 W cm
45.99 GBP
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This set of two Hello Kitty cake spatulas impresses with its high -quality material and versatility. The practical kitchen utensils are used to evenly distribute cream, butter and icing, as well as creams and liquid chocolate on cakes, cake bases and other baked goods. But the kitchen spatula is also ideal for cutting up self -righteous desserts, ice creams and even hearty dishes such as sandwiches and tofu. Made of high -quality stainless steel, the model is characterized by absolute freedom from rust, bending safety, ergonomics and longevity. A subtle Hello Kitty engraving on the blade and the striking pink plastic handle make this kitchen utensil a distinctive accessory.