2 Piece Folding Handle Non-Stick Grill Pan Set

2 Piece Folding Handle Non-Stick Grill Pan Set
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: MasterClass
Color: gray
43.99 GBP
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Run out of ideas for midweek meals? Not anymore. Whip up quick, tasty - and healthy - dinners in minutes with these revolutionary induction grillers from MasterClass. These game-changing griddles are made of cast aluminium and coated with two layers of abrasion-resistant non-stick. This means you get all the benefits of aluminium (like fast, even cooking), without having to worry about nicks and scratches. So chargrill your favourite ingredients to perfection. Cook up steaming plates of smoky marinated veggies, treat yourself to succulent chargrilled steaks or try a plate of tasty grilled salmon with a fresh salad garnish. Youll create quick and easy feasts you’ll want to eat again and again. And when youre done? Just wash, fold and relax! The clever folding handle makes it a cinch to store in any cupboard. Easy.