25cm Induction Compatible Non-Stick Crêpe Pan

25cm Induction Compatible Non-Stick Crêpe Pan
Brand: Stoneline
Color: gray
Size: 1.7 H cm
58.47 GBP
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Who doesn’t love healthy fat-free cooking and frying and wafer-thin crêpes with their sweet or savoury toppings? Crêpes suzette, crêpes with jam, chocolate, cream or a compote for those with a sweet tooth. Toppings such as cheese spread, mushrooms and fresh herbs are great for those who prefer savoury toppings. The base of thin dough easily spreads out across the surface of the non-stick pan, which is also suitable for induction hobs Just be sure to use a wooden spatula! If you appreciate low-fat cooking, this is the right thing for you. The small edge around the pan ensures that nothing runs off the side. Simply scoop the dough into the pan, spread the crêpe roller over the entire surface of the pan, fry for a little while, turn the crêpe, voila!