26cm Portable Charcoal BBQ

26cm Portable Charcoal BBQ
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: CasusGrill
Color: brown
Size: 6.0 H x 26.0 W x 38.0 D cm
48.99 GBP
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Eco-friendly, sustainable, disposable and is made of quick oxy elite bamboo charcoal briquettes, insulating lightweight lava stones, natural bamboo, and cardboard packaging. Easy to light by using quick oxy elite, ready to grill in 5 minutes, and retains its heat for more than 60 minutes. It creates a high, even temperature that ensures your food gets properly grilled with a delicious crispy barbeque finish. The thermal insulation reduces the outside temperature of the grill. It is even possible to hold the grill in your bare hands while it is grilling.