28cm Grill Pan

28cm Grill Pan
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: black,gray
Size: 4.5 H cm
54.99 GBP
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Do you want to cook healthily without worrying about toxic chemicals in the non -stick coating? Is it enough for you to have to buy a new pan every few years? This cast iron grill pan is the best purchase for anyone who likes grilled dishes, but does not have the opportunity to regularly go outside. The special feature of this frying pan is its ribbed base. Thanks to this, the popular roasted grill strips are created. With the right care, a cast iron pan will last a lifetime and protect the environment. Connoisseurs appreciate cast iron cookware for its unique properties. Many dishes taste particularly good and tasty when prepared in a cast iron pan. Try this novelty from Belfry Kitchen and don’t be surprised if your friends come to visit more often. Porous cast iron heats up relatively slowly, but very evenly, and can hold the heat for a long time. Due to their versatility, cast iron frying pans are ideal for preparing most dishes that require long heat treatment. Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction. The pan has been pre-treated with rapeseed oil to prevent rust. Before the first use, the pan should be cleaned with hot water and a brush and heated on the stove to dry. The pan must then be burned several times. Burn -in instructions are included. After the baking process and with regular use, a natural patina forms on the surface, which protects the pan from rust and has a non -stick effect. Important:- Cast iron is not dishwasher safe. Do not use detergent or steel sponges for cleaning. Cast iron is not suitable for long-term storage of food. Dimensions: Diameter or aspect ratio (mm): 240 x 240; Product height, mm: 45 Size: 24cm