2lb Bread Maker

2lb Bread Maker
Brand: Russell Hobbs
Color: white
Size: 29.8 H x 32.0 W x 26.8 D cm
82.76 GBP
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There really is nothing like the mouth-wateringly delicious smell of fresh bread to make a house feel like a home. With the compact breadmaker, you can enjoy fresh, homemade bread like nothing you’ve ever tasted. By making your own bread at home you’re able to control what ingredients are used, from the type of flour to the delicious little extras like seeds and raisins. There’s no kneading or oven baking required but you are guaranteed a professional finish every time and no more sunken centres or crumbling crusts! The breadmaker can make 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb loaves, allowing you to make bread at a suitable size for you. The compact breadmaker features a 55-minute fast bake function, giving you the ability to quickly whip up a delicious loaf if your friends and family descend last minute! To ensure you have the versatility to bake up your favourite type of loaf the compact breadmaker has 12 programmable functions. With options from French, whole-wheat, cake and many more. Did you know that you can even use your breadmaker to make jam? Why not give it a go? You’ll always have something tasty to top your fresh bread. The handy 13-hour delay bake function gives you the freedom of fresh bread at your convenience. You can set the delay feature at night so that you wake up to delicious fresh bread in the morning, or you can set it before a busy day so that you can come home to a crusty loaf to accompany your dinner. This clever function means that if you are using the breadmaker and there is a power cut, the breadmaker will continue baking from where it was stopped in its programme when power is restored. This will happen if there is a power cut of up to 7 minutes, if the power cut is more than 7 minutes the programme will stop and the breadmaker will not turn on again when power is restored. You may not be able to get to your bread as soon as it has finished baking and so the designers have included an automatic keep-warm function that will automatically keep your bread warm for 1 hour after the breadmaker has finished baking. This nifty little breadmaker hasn’t left anything to chance and even features a crust control function enabling you to select how dark you’d like your crust. You can select from light, medium or dark giving your bread a personal touch that is also perfect for you. For added convenience, the bread pan and kneading blade are both non-stick and dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze. The easy-to-follow LCD display makes the baking experience easy and quick while watching the progress of your loaf through the large viewing window. The breadmaker also has non-slip feet on the base to prevent the appliance from moving or slipping on shiny kitchen worktops.