3.5L Food Processor

3.5L Food Processor
Categories: Kitchen, Utensils
Brand: Cooks Professional
Color: black,orange
Size: 43.0 H x 28.0 W x 23.0 D cm
102.9 GBP
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Enjoy creating a vast range of delicious meals and recipes with this powerful, food processor. You can chop, blend, mix, grate, juice, and much more. The processor gives you all the convenience of a blender with the bonus of a range of accessories. The accessories allow you to grind coffee beans or nuts, peel potatoes, mix the dough, squeeze fresh juice, grated cheese and vegetables, blend, and much more. With a large mixing bowl that has a working capacity and a blender jug attachment, it’s quick and easy to make large quantities of fresh smoothies, juices, and more for all the family to enjoy. To achieve great results consistently, simply select your chosen attachment, place your ingredients into one of the bowls, pick a speed using the control knob and turn it on. No need to worry if the jug isn’t fitted properly, as there is a built-in safety function that will not allow the blender to work unless the jug is fitted correctly. Alternatively, you can add a grating, slicing, or cutting blade to the blade adaptor disk and push the food through (using the food pusher) so it seamlessly chops, grates, or slices your chosen food. The blender jug features an access hole so that you can easily add extra ingredients or seasoning to your mixture. And to make life easier there is even an included plastic spatula, great for getting your mixtures out of the bowl or blender, with ease. This is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Versatile yet compact, this food processor is great for those looking for a product that has all essential features without taking up all your precious worktop space.