3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker

3 in 1 Deep Fill Snack Maker
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Russell Hobbs
Color: gray
Size: 10.5 H x 25.0 D cm
44.19 GBP
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This 3-in-1 deep-fill sandwich maker is a versatile appliance that can cook up a variety of tasty treats. With 3 removable grill plates including a waffle plate, toastie plate, and grill plate you can easily swap between them all for easy and fuss-free cooking. Whether you’re decorating waffles in endless topping with your little ones, grilling some bacon for your breakfast, or even toasting a cheesy golden toasty for a lunchtime snack. So if you’re a food fanatic who loves a variety of different foods but doesn’t have the cupboard space for endless appliances, you’ll love the 3-in-1 deep fill, sandwich maker. We know that a really good toastie is down to its filling, which is why we’ve designed our grill plates to be deep enough to hold all of your flavorsome fillings. Whether you craving a tasty tuna melt or a classic breakfast toastie packed with cheese and ham. You can now enjoy the freedom of filling up your toasties with a hearty amount without the worry of it seeping out the sides. After enjoying a delicious tasting and filling toastie or stack of waffles, the last thing anyone feels like doing is scrubbing away at the grill plates to get them clean. That’s why we’ve designed our 3-in-1 deep-fill sandwich maker to be easy to clean with non-stick plates that can be easily wiped down after use or put straight in the dishwasher. Now you can effortlessly clean the plates straight after using them so you won’t have to worry about washing up later. Whether you fancy a toasted sandwich, some waffles, or even some grilled chicken for your caesar salad - you can cook it all with this one appliance. And the best part is you won’t have to swap between endless appliances when you’re cooking because you can do it all with this one sandwich maker. With non-slip feet that keep the sandwich maker stable whilst you cook, you can always count on it being secured in place on your kitchen counter.