3 Piece Carbon Steel Baking Tr

3 Piece Carbon Steel Baking Tr
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: black,gray
Size: 2.0 H x 29.0 W cm
17.99 GBP
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Equip your oven with carbon steel. Whether you’re warming up frozen food or making your own freshly baked delights, every kitchen needs a reliable set of baking trays. With this carbon steel set, your oven will have the perfect partner to let you start baking to your heart’s content. Three Sizes. With small, medium and large carbon steel oven trays in your kitchen, there’ll be no everyday roasting or baking task you can’t take on. Better still, they nest together when not in use to minimise the storage space required. Carbon steel. Ultra-tough, highly conductive and built to last. Non-stick enamel coating. Odour and stain-resistant for easy cleaning, versatile. Suitable for use in all ovens, fridges and freezers then improve flavour. Carbon steel’s conductive properties allow it to heat steadily and evenly at high and low temperatures, making sure your food receives a balanced roasting for a well-rounded flavour, easy to clean. With its durable, non-stick enamel surface, odours won’t linger, and scrubbing away burnt-on residue after every meal will be a thing of the past.