3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: gray
Size: 18.0 H x 135.0 W x 135.0 D cm
32.99 GBP
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Modern, practical and space -saving: These three stainless steel containers are great for storing food in a small space. The round storage containers with lids are a real space -saver and an eye -catching addition to any kitchen. They have a clip closure for easy opening and closing of the jar, as well as a silicone sealing ring in the lid. This keeps unwanted oxygen away and keeps the food fresh for longer. The transparent plastic lids make the contents of the container easy to see. With a capacity of approx. 2 L each, the storage containers are versatile, for example, for storing dry food such as flour, sugar, coffee, rice, cereal, cereal, oatmeal, pasta, legumes, etc. But they can also be used to hide sweets or odds and ends for more order. Whether on the shelf or on the kitchen shelf, the trio of stainless steel containers looks great anywhere and is immediately at hand when needed. Ideal kitchen utensils for decorative storage in a practical set of three.