30 CBM Quarter Barrel Freestanding Kegerator with Adjustable Temperature

30 CBM Quarter Barrel Freestanding Kegerator with Adjustable Temperature
Categories: Kitchen, Refrigerators
Brand: Klarstein
Size: 79.0 H x 46.0 W x 49.0 D cm
692.21 GBP
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Whether light or dark, top or bottom-fermented, wheat or pilsner, the 3XL mash kettle homebrew gets the right original wort. Even amateurs can easily serve refreshing and delicious homebrew as a home brewmaster! Whether beginner or experienced hobby brewer, the 3XL mash kettle provides a simple complete package for preparing the brewing mash. Up to 65 litres of brew can be brought to a boil in the large stainless steel kettle. A clear LCD display with control buttons allows you to precisely set the temperature, boiling time and power - or you can hand the whole process over to the MemoryBrew automatic control system. The 3,000-watt heating element reaches the desired temperatures in practically no time at all and keeps them constant for hours. An integrated display always reveals exactly which of the 9 individually programmable mashing steps the device is currently in. Particularly practical is the range of accessories of the 3XL beer brewing system, which helps with the process in several ways: A sieve insert and a grain container make it very easy to remove the spent grains from the pre-wort. The circulation pump with MashFlow Technology, which is also present, facilitates the automatic stirring of the mash. The drain tap with a mesh filter also makes transferring to the fermenter a breeze. All parts are made of 304 stainless steel. This prevents metal tastes from getting into the beer and makes them easy to clean after use. Fresh beer from your own home brewery? Nothing could be easier: with the 3XL mash kettle, every hobby brewmaster can easily achieve the right original wort. Please note that in Germany, the brewing of beer must be reported to the responsible main customs office.