4.5 L Compost Bucket

4.5 L Compost Bucket
Brand: VonShef
Color: black
Size: 28.5 H x 18.2 W x 18.2 D cm
19.99 GBP
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Make composting a breeze with this compost bucket. More and more of us are recycling their kitchen waste to make valuable compost for the garden. Vegetable waste, newspapers and even tea bags can be transformed from garbage into nutrient-filled compost that makes a perfect top-dressing for flower and veg beds in just a matter of months. This fun and stylish compost caddy are designed to store kitchen waste before it’s ready to be added to the compost bin in the garden. It’s happy to stand on your kitchen worktop or under the sink where it can be topped up with the peelings and pips from your day’s kitchen prep. The polished stainless steel lid incorporates an activated carbon filter which will absorb and contain any unpleasant odours, making this the perfect alternative to using an ordinary bin (replacement filters available). With a generous 4.5-litre capacity, this compost bin can store lots of waste before being emptied.