4.5Kw Cast Iron Multifuel Stove + Firewood Starter Kit

4.5Kw Cast Iron Multifuel Stove + Firewood Starter Kit
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: ClassicLiving
Color: brown,gray
Size: 52.5 H x 38.0 W x 32.5 D cm
439.99 GBP
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Royal Fire 4.5kW Cast Iron Multifuel Stove + Firewood Starter Kit- Up to 4.5kW Heat Output- Fuelled by Wood, Charcoal or Smokeless Fuel- Multiple Flue Positions; Top or Rear- Longer Burn with our Air Vent Control System- Comes with Approx 12kg of FirewoodThis stove has a capacity of up to 4.5kW output and can be fuelled by multiple sources such as Wood, Charcoal and Smokeless Fuel. It comes complete with a solid Cast Iron body, brass handles and a removable ash pan for ease and convenience. This Multi-Fuel stove also has the option of placing the flue at either the top of the stove or at the rear depending on your building layout and personal preferences. CAUTION: It is not recommended to burn Coal in this Stove, as it may damage the item and potentially cause a health risk.This item comes with a READY TO BURN certified, Firewood Starter Kit, which consists of Approx 10-12kgs of logs with 1.5kg of kindling.Ready To Burn is a DEFRA certification scheme, ran by HETAS and Woodsure, so you can be confident, that your first few fires will be using the most dried, genuine and Eco Firewoods there is.1 x Royal Fire 4.5kW Cast Iron Stove. Width: 38cm, Length: 33cm, Height: 53cm. Weight: 48kg.Includes: Baffle Plate, 5" Pipe Collar, Ash Pan Handle, 1 x Fire Resistant Glove, Approx 10-12kgs of logs with 1.5kg of kindlingBack Flue Dimensions: From floor to start of hole: 34.5cm. From floor to centre of hole: 42cm. From floor to top of hole: 49.3cmTop Flue Dimensions: From back to start of hole: 3cm. From back to centre of hole: 10.5cm. From back to end of hole: 18.2cmPipe Collar Dimensions: 5 inchesREF: F4510D3EFA664334816CDD10543AFD15