4 Pc DALEMOOR Forged Saucepan And Frying Pan Set

4 Pc DALEMOOR Forged Saucepan And Frying Pan Set
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: black,gray
25.54 GBP
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Cook up a storm with the stunning high-quality pots and pans from our collection. If your pans are constantly losing their non-stick coating, cooking is becoming a nightmare or you are forever buying new cookware, then look no further than our range of pots and pans. Made from forged heavy-duty carbon steel with marble non-stick coating and finished with soft-touch ergonomic handles and grey marble colour, the collection combines elegant design with the strong build quality for an exceptional cooking experience. The pans consist of four layers: marble effect top layer coating. Non-stick base layer. Heat resistant outer coating. The pans feature a non-stick ceramic coating that uses a revolutionary repelling action which allows for butter, oil and chemical-free cooking. Furthermore, the pans are suitable for most hob types including gas, electric, halogen and ceramic and are easy to clean. So buy from our collection and cook easy and healthy.