4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set

4 Piece Kitchen Canister Set
Brand: Klarstein
Size: 175.0 H x 235.0 W x 275.0 D cm
49.99 GBP
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Klarstein square storage jar set, glass bamboo lids, 4 pieces, different sizes. Item number: 10038307 Elegant all-rounders in the set: 4 food storage containers in different sizes. Whether for storing food, cheese or sausage in the fridge, for storing food on the shelf or for packing snacks - the possibilities of use of the set are almost unlimited. Thanks to the robust borosilicate glass, the storage jars are even suitable for heating or freezing food. Thanks to the dense bamboo lid with silicone seal, everything stays tightly closed and retains its aroma for a long time. Practical, sustainable, elegant: Stacked on top of each other, the set will be a focal point on your kitchen shelf. Top features: Glass meets bamboo: Elegant storage boxes with lids made of 100% bambooVariable: Lunch boxes, storage jars or oven tinsFresh in taste: Airtight closure with silicone ring ensures the best aromaEasy cleaning: Dishwasher -safe designSustained taste -neutral: Plastic -free food storage properties: 370ml glass , 1040, 1520ml. Lid made of 100% bamboo. Silicone ring on the lid. Oven -proof up to 250 ° C. Microwave safe. Airtight and tasteless. Dishwasher -safe. Freeze -proof. Delivery includes: 1 x 370ml storage jar, 1 x 640ml storage jar, 1 x 1520ml storage jar Box: Approx. 14.7cm W x 5.4cm H x D; Dimensions: Approx. 17.3cm W x 5.8cm H x D; Large box dimensions: Approx. 20cm x 6.4cm x 15cm Dimensions of the very large box: Approx. 22.3cm W x 7.3cm H x 16.7cm D