4-tlg. Kochtopfset Induktion Function 4 Edelstahl 18/10

4-tlg. Kochtopfset Induktion Function 4 Edelstahl 18/10
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: WMF
Color: gray
372.77 GBP
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If you love to cook on a regular basis, having a reliable set of standard pots and pans in the kitchen is a must. WMF combines different sizes in a diverse collection that includes stewing and roasting pots. The stockpot has a large capacity and can be used to cook foods that require a lot of liquids and its particularly high rim prevents grease from splashing outside the pot while roasting meats. This pot is also ideal for boiling pasta, potatoes or preparing vegetables. The sauce pot is a combination of a frying pan and a stewing pot but its rim is higher than that of a standard frying pan, meaning very little grease will splash while frying. At the same time, the rim is lower than that of a standard stewing pot, meaning liquids evaporate faster and food can be turned easily inside the pot. The pots are made of easy-to-clean and durable Cromargan, and are equipped with a TransTherm universal base, making them suitable for all hobs including induction.