43Cm H x 76Cm W Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

43Cm H x 76Cm W Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Tower
Color: gray
Size: 43.0 H x 75.0 W x 75.0 D cm
676.2 GBP
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Keep yourself, friends and family toasty warm while spending time in the garden with Towers natural stone designed round fire pit. The strong and durable stone effect construction is fire and moisture resistant, meaning the pit can withstand high temperatures and all sorts of weathers without causing any damage. In addition, the magnesium oxide construction is a high thermal conductor, warming the pit up quickly and efficiently meaning you and your guests will feel its benefits in rapid speed. The adjustable heat dial allows you to select the ideal temperature for you, reaching up to 400C when running for just 5 minutes, and can reach temperatures of up to 600C when running for 30 minutes! Its 360 access provides even heat emission and distribution while fuelled by gas, meaning it does not emit smoke, producing less air pollution and is more environmentally friendly. Integrated carry handles allow for easy portability around your garden and the glass fire guard ensures safety, preventing any accidents or burns during use.