Detroit Trim Kit

Detroit Trim Kit
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Ophelia & Co.
Size: 0.8 H x 600.0 W x 100.0 D cm
57.99 GBP
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This fireplace glass plate can be used as a floor covering to protect the surface of an existing floor when baking. Premium material: Made of high-quality tempered glass, this glass panel has excellent high temperature resistance. Additionally, the glass base plate can hold up to 250 kg.Bevel polished edge: The round arch glass panel with an 8 mm facet cut has a beautiful, liquid transition to the floor with sanded and polished edges. The visual effect of your floor is maintained by the transparency of the faceted glass.Easy to use: In just a few minutes you can easily put the fireplace floor plate in your home to reliably protect your parquet or laminate from damage, dirt and burns. Size: 0.8cm H x 600cm W x 100cm D