Manera Kitchen Mat

Manera Kitchen Mat
Categories: Kitchen, Kitchen Mats
Brand: Wash+dry
Color: brown,gray
Size: 180.0 H x 60.0 W cm
259.99 GBP
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With the wash+dry design, you can secure yourself hygienically washable and tumble dryer-safe mats and carpets. This makes the products perfect for allergy sufferers and pet owners. The wash+dry design combines long-lasting and hard-wearing quality. The wash+dry design can be used in many ways - whether in the kitchen, living room, hallway, in front of and behind the entrance door, in the conservatory, in the children’s room, on the terrace, or even on the terrace In the trunk, they provide perfect hygiene and fashionable accents. PVC floors, linoleum floors, and wooden floors can change the color of the surface due to an interaction with rubber-coated mats.