Marcotte 4.2L Mini Oven

Marcotte 4.2L Mini Oven
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: black
Size: 38.0 H x 34.0 W x 30.0 D cm
95.99 GBP
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The 4.2 L Mini Oven is the healthier way to cook, bake, roast and grill the food hardly using any oil or fat. The air fryer uses 2 in 1 technology; using hot air in combination with heated air to cook all of your favourite fried foods quickly and lightly. The variable temperature and timer automatically shut off the air fryer once you’re healthy cooking is done. The air fryer comes with a 4.2 Litre frying basket capacity, offering you to fry up snacks or a main dish for a family meal. The accessories included with the Air Fryer are; a recipe book, Pan, Non- stick fryer basket giving this Fryer extra adaptability. Fry your favourite dishes, in a healthy way with hardly using any oil.