Marko Beautiful Rose Regular Flowers Chopping Board

Marko Beautiful Rose Regular Flowers Chopping Board
Brand: Mercer41
Size: 0.4 H x 52.0 W cm
84.99 GBP
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Safety glass, 0.16 inch / 4 mm thick. Resistant to scratches, impacts and temperature. The top surface of the cutting board is heat resistant up to 392°F / 200°C. High quality, vivid colours, perfect print details. Durable colour thanks to UV protection and 3D depth effect. Chopping board with non-slip rubber feet. Protects the worktop against cuts and high temperatures. The cutting board provides excellent protection and saves space in the kitchen. It can also be used as a cover for an induction cooker, splashback or a serving board. The exceptional colour intensity was achieved thanks to the use of dyes with the latest nanotechnology. We do not use paints containing solvents! As a result, our products are extremely durable and harmless to health. The protective board is resistant to heat only from the top - from the glass side. The foil is on the other side of the product and is not heat resistant, the product must not be put on a hot stove and absolutely do not put hot objects on the bottom (the part with rubber feet). The product is made of float glass, and the material motifs and textures offer as “fabric”, “wood”, “stainless steel” or “brick” are just printed. Safety glass cannot and should not be cut to size - any subsequent treatment will inevitably lead to the destruction of the glass plate. If you are interested in a different dimension than the one offer, we can create an individual offer with a non-standard dimension. The production time for a custom glass cutting board can be extended to 15 working days. Size: 30cm L x 52cm W