Masterchef 60L Mini Oven

Masterchef 60L Mini Oven
Brand: Klarstein
Color: black,gray
Size: 72.5 H x 54.5 W x 48.5 D cm
196.88 GBP
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The mini oven is a wonderful space-saving appliance for all small kitchens, which is sure to make them complete. Whether pizza, cake, or roast chicken is on the menu - it’s always ready, while its 2000W power meets all your requirements. Four comprehensive dials are used to operate this oven with a generous capacity of 60 L. A temperature regulator allows you to continuously regulate the cooking temperature between 100 and 230°C. The function switch allows you to select between circulating air, rotisserie spit, and combined operation. When the rotation of the rotisserie spit is activated, chicken, kebab skewers, roast joints, or knuckles of pork are cooked to a juicy, crisp brown. The 3-step multi-function switch determines whether upper heat, lower heat, or both should be used at the same time. Last but not least, the 0 to 60-minute timer beeps at the end of the cooking time, allowing you to time cooking your meals perfectly. Besides the rotisserie spit, you can also use the baking tray and grill rack, which are both included. Four insertion heights are available to allow for perfect positioning. Strong performance in a compact design, lots of practical functions: this mini oven.