Masterpan 30cm Non-Stick Grill Pan

Masterpan 30cm Non-Stick Grill Pan
Brand: Masterpan
Color: black
Size: 5.59 H cm
66.29 GBP
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The eye-catching stovetop oven grill pan with a heat-in steam-out lid is the ideal cooking solution, with innovative heat distribution technology, a splatter guard lid and a stunning red appearance so you can cook and serve straight out of the oven. This multi-use stovetop grill can be used as a grill pan, saucepan, frying pan or even a casserole dish and it has silicone grips for comfortable handling. Made with premium cast aluminium, it has a non-stick coating for quick clean up and it’s even oven (not including the lid or the silicone grips) and dishwasher safe, though handwashing is advised. This grill pan with lid utilises steam-in heat-out technology to prevent condensation, for hot and crispy cooking for pizzas, fish, meat, tortillas and more. Colour: Black