Matera Stone Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit

Matera Stone Charcoal and Wood Burning Fire Pit
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Blumfeldt
Color: brown,gray
Size: 41.5 H x 80.0 W x 31.0 D cm
185.99 GBP
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Live like the ancient Romans! The Matera fire pit, from Blumfeldt, lets you give your garden or patio an air of antiquity that harks back to Roman times. Shaped like a Roman wood-burning stove, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve stepped back in time to ancient Matera, one of humanity’s oldest settlements. With its 50.5 x 26.5cm bowl, the Matera fire pit, from Blumfeldt, has plenty of space for building a proper campfire from logs, charcoal or barbecue briquettes. The bowl’s decorative base is made of MagicMag, a heat resistant, magnesium oxide, artificial stone, which has been hewn into the shape of stone bricks. It skilfully lifts the bowl up, making the flickering inferno all the more impressive - and protects patio floors and lawns from the heat of the fire too. A poker is included for stoking the fire. This means nothing can stand in the way of a friendly gathering around a warming campfire. The storage compartment in the base is great for stashing logs, and not only adds to the fire pit’s unique vibe, but also ensures extra fuel is always within easy reach. With or without the flickering flames, the fire pit, from Blumfeldt, is sure to be a decorative centrepiece for the garden, yard or patio. Made entirely of artificial stone and steel, it not only has great rustic charm, but its also extremely robust and resistant to frost and rain. Welcome to the ancient world! Once you light the fire pit, from Blumfeldt, the ancient fires can blaze again with a new brilliance.