Mathilde Electric Fire

Mathilde Electric Fire
Categories: Kitchen, Appliances
Brand: Castleton Fires & Fireplaces
Color: white
Size: 82.5 H x 100.0 W x 27.9 D cm
338 GBP
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The product features an off-white MDF surround and electric fire unit with an amazingly realistic flame effect. The fire uses 100% LED lighting and has a range of flame effect settings and brightness/intensity options. The lighting, flame effect settings, and heater can be used together and independently. Due to the LED technology, the fireplace is low cost to run when using the flame and lighting effects - less than £4 per year if used for 5 hours per day. The mood lighting allows the user to choose from 13 different stationary colours - including an option that cycles slowly through the colours. The product comes with a digital LCD remote control which includes a seven-day programmer, thermostat with a display, room-temperature sensor, open window detection, and adaptive start control (turns on the heater to warm the room ready for the programmed start time). The heater automatically switches between 1 and 2kW depending on the room temperature and set the temperature required. To meet the requirements of eco-design 2018 (lot 20), this product is designed and manufactured to produce the optimum energy efficiency available for space heaters.