Maxfiled Pot Set with Lid

Maxfiled Pot Set with Lid
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: gray
Size: 9.5 H x 22.0 W cm
73.99 GBP
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This pot set will make you a master of cooking. Stainless steel pots are the most durable and the safest for health. The dishes prepared in them do not interact with the coating of the pots, and thanks to the steam vent lid they retain their values and minerals. The set of pots has a clear and simple shape and appearance, but the biggest advantage of the set is the high quality of its performance. A characteristic feature is the five-layer reinforced bottom. The stainless steel from which the pots are made is hygienic and safe to use, and its smooth surface prevents the growth of bacteria. The pot set is equipped with stainless steel lids that have holes for the steam outlet. The pots can be used on all heat sources, including induction cookers. The thick, 5-layer academic bottom makes the pots heat up quickly and also perfectly holds the heat, which is evenly distributed. The wall thickness of the pot is 0.4 mm, thanks to which the dish stores heat for longer. The inner surface has a measuring cup that makes measuring easier.