Mazhar Matte Base Unit

Mazhar Matte Base Unit
Brand: Ebern Designs
Color: white
Size: 81.6 H x 60.0 W x 46.0 D cm
121.99 GBP
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The numerous cupboards offer you plenty of storage space for all your kitchen utensils while giving off a wonderful harmonious ambience. The attractive design with its first-class front surfaces really complements its overall image. The base units are equipped with height-adjustable feet, thanks to which, any unevenness in the floor can be easily compensated for. Accordingly, these base units can be adapted to cater to your needs. The modular construction of the kitchen allows you to design it to your taste. The front surfaces, the base units, whether with or without the worktop and all of their positions can be varied. It is remarkably stable, meaning that you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.