Medium Sand and Water Play Kitchen Set

Medium Sand and Water Play Kitchen Set
Categories: Kitchen, Kitchen Sinks
Brand: AXI
Color: brown,gray
Size: 100.0 H x 75.0 W x 40.0 D cm
145.99 GBP
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Anything is possible thanks to this play kitchen set. With the 17-piece accessory set, the kitchen is alive! On the board, your children can write down the menu that they will prepare that day. Do you want to eat? Once you have placed your order, you can glue together the vegetables on the cutting board clean in half and then with the Hook & Loop Fastener again. The cooktop can with the knobs. Are attracted to cook the vegetables on one of the hobs or in the oven under the hob. Fill in the blue container with water and your children, the pump can push so that the faucet works so they can wash the dishes. The dish rack and the cutting board can on one of the hooks on the tap, and the tea towel to the handle on the side of the kitchen hanging. By pulling the plug the sink can be emptied into the underlying blue container. Ideal in warm weather, because then the children can play outside. After finishing the game the container can easily be removed to make the cleaning easier. The shelf and storage space under the sink provides ample space for other kitchen utensils, pots of herbs or toys.