Peasely Dining Table

Peasely Dining Table
Categories: Kitchen, Dining Tables
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: brown
Size: 76.0 H x 120.0 W x 120.0 D cm
1899.99 GBP
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The stunning and unique root piece dining table has been manufactured from reclaimed teak root making this a very solid and strong centrepiece to any dining area! Each root is very unique and you will never see the same root detailing twice, these roots pieces are especially different as they are beautifully tapered to form the base of the table and fan out impressively underneath the glass top to create a wonderful statement piece! the sculptured root base is sourced from the National Indonesian Eco Programme, excavating the roots encourages regrowth of forests and promotes sustainable livelihoods for local people. When creating these wonderful masterpieces there is no waste as any smaller pieces of teak root are sculpted into amazing individual mirror designs, stunning bowls or even root balls that can be used for various things.