Rinse Basket

Rinse Basket
Categories: Kitchen, Kitchen Sinks
Brand: Wenko
Color: white
Size: 13.0 H cm
45.88 GBP
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With its large surface, this practical dish rack has plenty of room for plates, cups, knives and forks. Even in the age of the dishwasher, there are still dishes and pieces of cutlery that are better washed by hand. As such, this dish rack makes a functional addition to the kitchen sink, as well as in your summer house or camper van too. This dish rack is non slip and scratch resistant, making it a safe spot for all your plates and cups. It also features a separate cutlery holder. The removable drain makes it easier to remove any water and clean the rack too. It also helps keep your work surface dry. The handy dish rack, with its modern blue and white colour scheme, can be folded up to save space when not in use. Simply remove the stopper and let the water flow out through the rotating drain and into the sink.