Yosemite Non-Slip Fruit & Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Yosemite Non-Slip Fruit & Vegetable Cleaning Brush
Categories: Kitchen, Cookware
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Size: 1.0 H x 10.0 W x 10.0 D cm
7.05 GBP
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Made from high-quality food-grade PVC, our product has no smell and is non-toxic, a healthy choice for daily use. Unlike other sponges, the brushes don’t absorb water and are easy natural drying to prevent bacterial growth. The products are not only great suitable for cleaning fruit and vegetable easily but for pans, pots, kitchen tools. PVC material is soft enough for allowing flexibility and no deformation, and both sides are available. Dishwasher safe and you can sterilize it in warm water to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.